Welcome to the Nova Scotia Folk Club, the longest running acoustic music club in Bristol. Every Monday night come rain or shine we host some of the greatest talent in the south west. Beginner or hugely talented, all are welcome to play So bring your instrument and come along. If you are not a perfomer, come along anyway as you are sure to be in for an evening of great entertainment.


£3 on guest nights

£1 entry on open stage nights

3rd February
1st half: Ed Breed, witty and topical songs
2nd half: John and Howard, guitar and gentle, strong songs.

16th March.
1st half: Wendy Martineau, guitar and vocals.
2nd half: Andrew Slocombe with a varied mix of styles.

27th April
Jan Vaisey and Ian Harvey, finely crafted song set from a popular duo.

spotlightFloor Spots

On guest nights floor spots will be available on a first come first served basis, so if you are interested in coming along, please act fast! The room always fills fast. If you don't reserve a place, we may not be able to fit you in.

keyDoors will be open 7.30pm

The music starts at 8.15. So please arrive early to get a good seat. We hope to see loads of you there every week.

phoneReserve your spot

Email or call the following:

Bill: 0798 9288095

Humph: 01934 514902 (home)

John: 0117 960 0846 (home)